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Want those beautiful dahlia in your bouquet? Your wedding is in November? Out of season?What now?

Are you looking to have a certain flower that you just love in your bridal bouquets just to be told "Sorry that flower isn't in season for your date." Now what? If you are working with a professional florist for your wedding, they should have some alternatives for you right off the bat. If you are in the planning stages of the wedding, do a little research on your flowers and the growing season in the area of the wedding. Knowledge is power. Going to your florist with an idea of what to expect is putting you above the game.

A good wedding florist knows the flowers and will be able to help you find a flower that will fill the void if your flower just can't be found or if having them shipped in from out of state or out of the country isn't in your budget. In our area, we always have beautiful dahlia from July through September. We can even stretch til early October-IF- the first frosts don't come til later in the month. Peony are another great example. Their growing season is from April to June (local) & Nov to Jan (outsourced) . We are always prepared to help our brides find a lovely garden rose or dahlia in her shade to replace those when the season is out. There are always alternatives to make sure your bouquets are stunning.

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