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 I am Kristi Mayrand, Owner, lead designer and the creative guide at Stargazers Designs.  I have worked in the floral industry for over 30 years and have owned Stargazers Designs since May 1, 1995. My goal as the designer for your wedding is to bring your vision to life!

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My Story

  My team and I always strive to be professional yet approachable in all aspects of the process for your wedding plan. I have always loved flowers. The beauty they can add to any event is amazing.  Flowers provide elegance and movement to an otherwise 2-D world.  Over the years I have seen trends come and go, but flowers still remain an essential part of any wedding.  Memories attached to flowers can be brought to life with just the wisp of  scent from a bloom. I love the fact that I can help add to your memories of those very special moments of your wedding day.  

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my Husband, Jeff on our many travel adventures, horseback riding, hiking & kayaking in the WNC mountains, as well as time spent with our many pets. 

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